Cumbersome, large, hard-to-install heating systems are a dime a dozen, but they certainly aren’t affordable to run. Our team decided to do a little research to find out if consumers are currently getting a bad deal.

Could this smart invention help you keep your house warm, for cheap?


During our lengthy research, we realized that the biggest issue that people have is the fact that most old-fashioned heaters are big, cost a lot to run and don’t have integrated thermostats to keep them from wasting energy.

Trying to warm is hard enough when you’re struggling to save money, but throw into the mix a range of ineffective prehistoric heaters that throw out nothing but your money and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Therefore, when all you require to get moving again is a little bit of heat, you can pull out your ZenHeater and have the room warmed up in an instant..

How does ZenHeater work?

Can you remember how painful it was when you had a heating system installed and saw your first power bill? While you may have been toasty and warm in your office, den, garage, or bedroom, you were heating parts of your home you didn’t even use. The result? A ton of money spent on power you didn’t even get to enjoy. Our research team were fed up with  it, and know you are too, so we tried out ZenHeater to see how exactly it worked, and how it could trump a conventional heating system. 

How it works is simple. You can plug it into any area of your home that  you’re utilizing at that very moment – be it your bedroom, the baby’s nursery, your garage while you’re dabbling in some DIY, or your home office. Once you plug it in, you can then set your desired temperature, the speed at which it pumps out heat, and a timer as well. You can determine how long you wish it to be on – such as the duration of your baby’s nap time in their nursery, then let it work its magic. It will maintain a continuous temperature while you benefit from a warm room without the mounting power bill. 

Who can benefit from ZenHeater?

From our in-depth research, we discovered that various people are seeing the benefits of ZenHeater for a range of different reasons. Mothers are utilizing them to keep their baby’s nursery at a consistent temperature, while entrepreneurs are keeping the chill out of their home offices as well. What’s more, DIY dads are plugging them into their garages while they work on their home projects in a typically cold part of the home. 

We were astounded at how many industries ZenHeater was suitable for – not just for people like us in office spaces. 

ZenHeater Features

  • Compact and Small – Thermo-ceramic design, great for travel
  • Energy Efficient Technology – Heats upthe  whole room, with digitally-controlled temperature settings
  • Plugs into Any Outlet – Use it anywhere in your house, on your travel, office, garage etc..
  • Intelligent On/Off with Timer – Saves money only running when really necessary

I was running a large heater in my home office during winter and spent a lot of money doing so. When I plugged in ZenHeater, I was equally as warm, but without that added cost. (James R. Ohio) 


What others are saying:

Heats up fast! 

I have 3 Zen heaters, one I place under my desk at work and it keeps my legs warm by taking that chill off the floor in the office. I don’t even let on it’s cold anymore, because I actually used to complain about it all the time!

Great Product – Awesome Price

Arrived in a timely manner. Well packaged and protected. Exactly as stated in the description, it packs a punch for it’s size. This product is a great value for it’s price! Recommend toprankgadgets and the Zen Heater. Very fast shipping time! I will definitely be a returning customer. Thank you very much!

Cold Months and Zen Keeps On Ticking!

Glad I got the 3 Zen heaters earlier this winter, they have came in handy here in Wisconsin! My favorite one is our downstairs laundy room, once the dryer is going it’s not so bad but for the first round of laundy the Zen Heater makes that room just as warm!

Safe and Effective.

Five stars. We use it in our newborns room, near his crib and it takes the chill out of the air. It is very safe to use at a distance of 24″ away and that is perfect for his setup!

I am Ordering More.

Got one from my friend away from home as a gift because she knows how cold I always am. I thought it was a pure joke, because she hears me go on about how old I must be getting and how cold I am, but this thing WORKS! Plug it in, and instantly, heated air is emitting in all directions. I am ordering a 3 pack for other rooms and maybe I’ll share one in a gift next year!