Top Pharma Companies Hiding The Truth?

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15 Mind-Blowing Products Big-Pharma Is Trying To Shut Down

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Big Pharma got caught paying the FDA $8,500,000 to ban holistic all-natural products that work and the media is burying it. These products scare them because they can stop your pain indefinitely. Let’s not forget what these medical companies have to gain from your ongoing suffering…more of your money. They want to keep prescribing medications that provide short-term relief, forcing you to return to them time and time again, knowing that they’ll continue to make a profit from your misery. They don’t care that these medications put their patients at greater risk of opioid addiction than ever before.

The products on this list will leave you feeling like a brand new person and you’ll be even happier knowing you paid for them just once. They combine the latest technology endorsed by some of the greatest doctors of our time with effective ancient holistic practices that have been used for thousands of years.

Pain management has never been made easier. The relief that some of these products can provide is like taking a heavy backpack off an achy back and stepping into a hot, steaming shower. They provide life-changing benefits without the invasive surgery or side-effects of medication to help you live your best life. Read on to find out if any of these products are what you have been looking for.

1. Lotus Mat

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Let the ancient art of acupressure help you! Acupressure has been a best kept secret for pain relief. Now you can get immediate back and neck pain relief right at home in as little as 15 minutes a day! The Lotus Mat helps rejuvenate your body, and you don’t even have to leave your house!

The Lotus Mat helps stimulate blood circulation and revitalize your body as you lie down, or even sit on your couch. For a more intense massage, you can use The Lotus Mat on the floor. It’s portable and lightweight so you can even bring it to work! This affordable product relieves not only your back, neck, and sciatic pain, but also gets rid of those nasty migraines!

Learn More About The Lotus Mat

2. The Dodow – Breakthrough Invention Helps You Stay Asleep All Night

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This amazing gadget is a sleep-saver! If you have trouble falling asleep, or you know a friend or relative struggling with insomnia, then you must get Dodow. It’s the best thing you can do. Dodow created waves in the market in early 2018 by helping millions fall asleep naturally, without having to resort to toxic pills & OTC drugs – and all without any side-effects!

This unique gadget is an all-in-one sleeping solution, which combines the latest research in cognitive behavioral therapy, yoga, and mindfulness with cutting-edge technology to retrain your brain to sleep naturally. In fact, Dodow users fall asleep 2.5x faster. Not to mention that Dodow actually improves your sleep quality, so that you wake up refreshed and ready for the day! And it’s super simple to use.

Dodow is portable, you can take it anywhere, and it will even help you fall asleep when you’re jet-lagged! It can lull you to sleep at any time, anywhere!

And what’s more, you even have a 30-day money back guarantee. Really. How can you go wrong? You either get your sleep back or your money back. In just 30 days. It’s that simple!

Learn More About Dodow

3. AccuPoint

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This cool device has quickly made a name for itself in 2018 as the bane of pain relief drugs. Thousands of people who were addicted to painkillers are now free because of AccuPoint. It helps reduce pain in seconds, without any of the side effects!

The AccuPoint technology uses electrical impulses to block the pain signal that you feel and helps you release endorphins that make you feel better. The device is tiny & lightweight – you don’t even feel you have it on. It works wirelessly and is super simple to use. All you have to do is apply the AccuPoint gel to the electrodes and put the device where you are feeling pain: on your arms, neck, legs, back – anywhere!

You can adjust the intensity of the electrical impulses so that it’s comfortable for you. And if you have pain in multiple locations – no problem! You can use numerous

The AccuPoint devices at the same time. So if you’re dealing with chronic pain, or you’re addicted to opioids or other harmful medicine, definitely look into

The AccuPoint – it will give you the freedom from pain & harmful painkillers you’ve always been looking for!

Find Out More About AccuPoint

4. Breathe Green Charcoal Bag

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“The clever little trick (backed by science) that cleanses the air inside your home…”

The Breathe Green Charcoal Bag comes in the form of a bag and is the easiest, most convenient way to maintain a fresh, dry and odor free environment. Made of just one incredibly powerful natural ingredient, activated bamboo charcoal, the Breathe Green Charcoal Bag is continuously working to effectively absorb and remove odors, allergens and harmful pollutants and to clean and freshen the air.

The activated bamboo charcoal neutralizes even stubborn smells, such as those caused by smoke, pet urine, cat litter boxes, wet dogs, gym shoes and more. The Breathe Green Charcoal Bag is also excellent for use in damp, musty environments, where it will absorb excess moisture to prevent mold, mildew and bacteria from forming.

Now, while you probably don’t live by a quiet stream of fresh water, the closest you can get to it is by using a filtration device that makes your water squeaky clean.

And unlike harsh chemical deodorizers and sprays, the Breathe Green Charcoal Bag is a chemical free, fragrance free and non-toxic natural odor absorber that keeps you and your pets safe.

Best of all, it’s super easy to use. Simply place the bag on any surface and it will start purifying the air around it for up to 90 square feet and lasts up to 2 years.


5. Fever Patrol

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Fever Patrol is the thermometer that fancy private practice doctors use because it is the same high-grade medical equipment, but much more affordable. This is exactly what I’d been looking for!

With the Fever Patrol non-invasive, touchless thermometer, you never have to worry about inaccurate readings, or waking a fussy baby.

Fever Patrol is gentle, convenient, and fast. Most importantly, it was super easy to use, even for someone like me, who doesn’t know much about technology. Just hold the thermometer near your baby’s forehead, then press the button for 3 seconds and you get a precise reading immediately.

Learn More About Fever Patrol

6. Doc Socks

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Doc Socks compression technology is proven to limit swelling, both for those that work everyday on their feet and for those that are avoiding spending time on their feet because it hurts too much. They also promote blood circulation to help weak veins and pathways being compromised from the aging process.

You can wear Doc Socks with or without regular socks by simply slipping it on as a normal sock would fit. Feel the 7 targeted zones and 3 levels of compression targeted to your foot compression. You’ll be back on your feet before you know it!

Learn More About Doc Socks

7. Lightning Toner

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For many, one of the big issues as to why we can’t lose that extra weight as we get older is because our metabolism slows down OR we just don’t have time to go to the gym every day due to our busy schedules. With the Lightning Toner, we can be carrying on with our daily activities while wearing the device for just 12 minutes a day.

Our core seems to be one of the most stubborn areas to lose weight! For many, there’s just no cure to getting rid of those extra pounds while also making sure they stay off. Lightning Toner uses electrical muscle stimulation to contract the abdominal muscles and strengthen your core. By stimulating your muscles through repetitive contractions, Lightning Toner can help you tone and strengthen your core.

Learn More About Lightning Toner

8. MindInSole – Feel Naturally Energized

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How would you like to receive a free foot massage with every step you take? That is now entirely possible with MindInsole, and much more! These fantastic insoles are designed not just to relieve foot fatigue and cure achy feet, but actually to heal your body from the inside out.

MindInsole combines ancient wisdom with the latest technology to massage critical areas of your feet which promote health, improve blood circulation, relieve back pain, lower stress, and naturally boost endurance. Each insole makes use of 400 acupoints that were scientifically designed to massage critical areas of your feet. Besides, the insoles use 5 cooling magnets that help balance your body’s energy levels to make you feel great again!

You can wear these insoles with any shoe, during any activity, including during exercise. As we get older, achy feet may prevent us from walking as much as we need to stay fit – MindInsole helps you get rid of this problem, and enjoy exercising with renewed vigor. With MindInsole, you can walk (or run!) your way to health!

Learn More About MindInsole Insoles

9. NeckRelax

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Neck Relax is the perfect almost instant pain reliever for stubborn neck pain. The Neck Relax is a funky little gadget that can wrap around any door, railing, or pole, which gives you the flexibility to use it wherever you are. The straps that are sewn into the hammock gently stretch, relax, and refresh your neck and shoulders without any pressure or discomfort. It’s small enough to bring on vacation, for use after long flights, or in your home after a stressful day at work. The way Neck Relax works is that it stretches your next through cervical traction that will increase circulation, decrease pain, improve mobility, and in turn, will brighten your mood! All it takes is 10 minutes a day to reveal a new and pain-free you!Learn More About NeckRelax

10. Fidget Tribe

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Use Holistic Healing for fidgeting! This new and unique fidgeting device works better than other fidgeting toys currently on the market because it actually targets energy zones within your body to stimulate critical nerve receptors through your fingers. Feel anxiety and fidget-free while creating an experience of relaxation through a pressured massage. All you have to do is roll the device up and down your finger that will result in sensations from gentle tingles to hard pinches. You can alter the amount of pressure yourself, to see what works for YOU! All it takes is a few seconds to become completely addicted to Fidget Tribe!

Learn More About Fidget Tribe

11. The Triple Bristle Toothbrush – Dentist Invented Toothbrush That Cleans 3x Better Than More Expensive Electric Toothbrushes

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Triple Bristle is the WORLD’S FIRST patented 3-headed sonic toothbrush that was actually created by a dentist. Unlike manual and other electric single-headed toothbrushes tat only clean one side at a time, the patented 3-brushes-in-1 design cleans ALL SIDES of your teeth simultaneously! It ensures that you get those spots typically missed by regular toothbrushes. Plus the strategically angled bristles gently clean and brush away tartar and plaque buildup on the tooth and under the gum-line! With 3 speeds (High, Sensitive, Massage), a rechargeable battery, a 2-minute timer, the safe ability to use with braces, veneers, a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, 1 YEAR WARRANTY, & more.. Triple Bristle is a no-brainer!

Learn More About The Triple Bristle Toothbrush

12. Sleep Cool

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Sleep Cool is the perfect cure for migraines, headaches, or any sore areas that you may have on your body. Sleep Cool is the ULTIMATE sleeping tool that will improve sleeping quality for the most comforting slumber yet. It will continuously keep it’s cool temperature no matter how long you lay on it or how hot it may be in the room. No more constant pillow flipping to look for the cold side! Sleep Coolcan be used as a pillow all on its own, or with another pillow to allow the utmost comfort. Since it is so light and completely compact, it can be brought with you on vacations or holidays. Get excited about sleeping with Sleep Cool!

Learn More About Sleep Cool

13. AudiPlus

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Take back control of your hearing. You may already be aware that you could be suffering hearing loss, but this doesn’t mean that everyone else needs to know too. These discreet hearing aids are one of the smallest and most powerful hearing aids on the market right now. The product itself is incredibly light but long-lasting and it is coated with iSolate nanotechnology, meaning that it is completely resistant to moisture, dust, and wax.

No matter how severe your hearing loss is, AudiPlus 247will improve your hearing significantly. You will also never experience discomfort from wearing these aids. Once you start wearing them, you won’t want to take them off! You can now work longer, be productive, and enjoy the sounds of the world around you without any issues!

Learn More About The AudiPlus Hearing Aid

14. Moskinator

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MoskiNator is the world’s most advanced solar-powered mosquito trap. Being one of the first of its kind, MoskiNator is a solar-powered insect killer that is completely safe to be used inside AND outside. With thousands of mosquito repellants on the market, it’s important to choose one that works and won’t have any harmful effects on loved ones or furry friends. All you need is a few hours of sunlight a day to make sure that you and your families are mosquito and fly-free.

The MoskiNator will lure the mosquitos and flies to it within a 60 square meter radius. It attracts mosquitos to its UV LED light which has a powerful fan to suck the mosquitos into the electric zapper when they get close enough. It’s the safest way to take care of the annoying insects in your home for good!

Learn More About The Moskinator

15. The BakBlade – Breakthrough Razor That Hits Impossible To Reach Spots With No Irritation Even When Used Dry

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If your recipient is a bit of a gorilla then giving them this gift is a no brainer. The BakBlade was ergonomically designed with an easy-reach handle, BakBlade makes shaving your back quicker and easier than ever before! Never wax, ask a friend, or twist yourself into a pretzel trying to shave those hard to reach spots again! If your dad wants a dad bod with no hair on his back or shoulders then get him this gift, they’ll be able to finally go shirtless at the beach (not that the hair stopped him before).

Learn More About BakBlade

16. LadyCare

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This device is the perfect gift for women who are entering the golden age. LadyCare is a small, discreet, and lightweight device that securely clips to your underwear using powerful magnets. It targets the root cause of menopause using Static Magnetic Therapy to help re-balance your Autonomic Nervous System. I know, I know… It sounds like a lot of made up claims that you wouldn’t expect to work, we were skeptical too. But they actually have Clinical Studies to back up their results.

In a rigorous clinical study, LadyCare was proven to safely relieve over 20 menopause symptoms (including hot flashes, fatigue, and night sweats!)

It’s the ONLY non-invasive menopause solution that over 500,000 women are already using – WITHOUT side effects.

Learn More About LadyCare

17. The Dream Dots Beauty Patch – This Way To Healing Pimples Naturally Hasn’t Been Available To Anyone But Doctors Until Now

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DreamDots is a NEW, patented hydrocolloid patch that naturally heals pimples while discreetly hiding them for a beautiful pimple-free complexion. This near-invisible patch means you don’t have to wait for pimples to heal before they’re gone! You can wear DreamDots overnight or in broad daylight. This will instantly hide pimples from friends, co-workers, the local cashier…anyone. Wear them to work, school, the gym, anywhere! DreamDots CONCEALS pimples while it HEALS them!

Learn More About Dream Dots


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