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2 IN 1 Easy File Chainsaw Sharpener

$33.71 $26.97

2 IN 1 Easy File Chainsaw Sharpener

$33.71 $26.97

Fastest & Most Effective Sharpening Tool For Any Type Of Chainsaw!

Eliminate the risk, time wasted and frustration with the 2 in 1 Easy File chainsaw sharpener. This tool singlehandedly erases all doubt when you are either in the shop or on the job site, sharpening your chain!

35% OFF With 18 Units Remaining!

The 2 in 1 Easy File Chainsaw Sharpener sharpens your chain in an effortless way, by filing the teeth AND shaving down on the depth gauges (rakers) at the SAME time!

The ease and accuracy of this unique accessory makes it the perfect system for the overall maintenance of your chainsaw. The system includes two round files, one flat file, and comes with a unique file holder and filing guide. The 2 in 1 Filing Guide gets more done with each stroke, so you can spend less time sharpening your saw chain and more time putting your chainsaw to work.

Removable / Replaceable rounded files to fit all sizes of chains!


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