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Mindinsoles Foot Pain Relief

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Mindinsole Pain Relief
Mindinsoles Foot Pain Relief

Foot relief is on its way!

  • Massage key areas of your feet with massage points & special magnets
  • 5 cooling magnets produce gentle magnetic waves with natural magnetic fields & cooling, soft, smooth stones
  • Balance energy in your body to reduce stress, increase energy, balance mind & body, and increase fitness
  • Relieve Overall Body Pain, Tension, Cool & Soothe Feet and Boost Endurance with Acupuncture Technology
  • Air Flow Design Keeps Feet Cool & Dry

Mindinsole Reflexology Insoles massage your feet while you walk and help you eliminate body pain, enhance your endurance, and increase your balance and flexibility. Make every step count! Reduce fatigue, relieve muscular and skeletal pain, and allow your body to bounce back quicker from long days on your feet.

The insoles are made up of 400 massaging nodules that stimulate the pressure points on your foot. As an added benefit, there are 5 precisely-placed, naturally-made magnets that produce gentle magnetic waves and help to draw out inflammation and increase circulation where you need it the most.

Mindinsole reflexology insoles will fit any shoe! You can cut these insoles to fit your exact shoe size and shoe style.

1 review for Mindinsoles Foot Pain Relief

  1. Jennifer Leroux

    I ordered the package deal mainly because of the great price wanted to give them a try as so many on the market. I love them. I have been using them in my everyday footwear for almost a week now and my lower back pain has decreased, the way I walk is better and my posture is improving. I suffer from chronic pain from my neck down to my feet mainly due to various arthritic conditions and very surprised at this product and its great quality and benefits. HIGHLY recommend. They were delivered to my door within 4 business days of ordering. Great service, great product. Thank you!

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