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Zen Heater – Compact Space Heater

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Zen Heater – Compact Space Heater

The Zen Heater Is The Ultimate Solution For Your Cold House Without The Expensive Electricity Bills!

Cold office? Wanting to keep the chill off your room to stay a little warmer during the cooler months? The Zen Heater has mastered the art of space heater tech! With many built in safety features, no long or extended wires, and a handy digital thermostat, the Zen Heater is a very economic and powerful little heating system.

No More Expensive Electricity Bills! Get a cozy warm space, wherever you go! Why heat an entire house when you need heat in just one place? The Zen Heater heats rooms almost instantly!  Save money the more you use them! Keep your baby warm and fend off having to get Fever Patrol

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Smart Space Heating System

Despite the fact that its central ceramic heating surface can be set between 60-90 degrees Fahrenheit, the Zen Heater stays cool to the touch apart from the main grille surface. And with its auto-shutoff feature, you can feel much more at ease about forgetting to turn the heater off before you leave.

Big Heat In A Small Package

Forget about overly expensive, bulky wall heaters that are noisy, dangerous, and unsightly with their wires dangling all over the place. With the Zen Heater, you simply plug this little powerhouse into the nearest outlet and enjoy radiant warmth as much as you want — with over 250 square feet of coverage!

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Zen Heater

2 reviews for Zen Heater – Compact Space Heater

    January 21, 2019
    Ordered the Zen Heater 2 weeks ago for our bedroom. Temperatures are freezing this winter and our floors have been particularly cold this month. I was surprised at how quickly it arrived to our home, within a week. I unpacked the heater and plugged it in our bedroom and the space heated up quickly. The floors are toasty warm now. Because of the quality , service and speedy delivery I since ordered 4 more Zen Heaters, 2 for our home and 2 for our eldest kids living on their own. It is a great product!
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    January 19, 2019
    Got 3 of these just as the temperatures were plummeting @ Christmas time. Zen heaters are easy to unbox, set up and use. I use one in my home office under the desk to keep my legs and feet warm, one in the bath room (heats up instantly and throws a solid consistent heat). The third, I actually use in the family SUV. We plug it into the center console (back seat) for the kids, this saves a lot of hassles on the cold mornings!
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