Zen Heater Reviewed : Best Mini Space Heater

I purchased the Zen Heater for a compact portable unit while planning to travel a few days ago. I am attracted to its mini or compact size, sleek, clean and lightweight. Great sale price! I took it out of the package as soon as it arrived. Plugged it in my home office and have decided to keep it there. It has made my office warm and cozy for the cooler months ahead. I recently purchased 3 more Zen Heater Mini- portable heaters. I am plugging one in the living room and my bedroom. I will keep one in the package for the original plan of travel.
The Zen Compact Space Heater is a perfect way to make one area in your home extra warm and cozy without turning up the thermostat and paying to heat the whole house. The Zen Compact Space Heater is mini, warm and extra cozy at a great sale price now.
The Zen Compact Space Heater is simplistic & elegantly designed. Best sale price for a quiet, well designed, safe and well executed product. Not only does heating up just the space you’re using, like your home office, which makes more sense. You are saving money. You do not have to heat up your entire home and by doing so you are saving a lot of wear and tear on your entire home heating system over several months. The biggest bonus is saving your money with the Zen Compact Mini Home Heater.
The best home space heaters tend to be electric. They’re cheap or inexpensive, have one plug-in, and generate heat and power only when they’re in use and according to how you set the Zen Compact heater. The Zen Compact heater features its own thermostat where you can set the temperature for each room up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Once your room has reached the desired warm and cozy temperature the compact space heater will automatically turn off. Once it goes below your desired temperature your Zen Space Heater will kick back on. It will never be too hot to touch. I empathize that as a great feature for different safety reasons.
The Zen Mini Space Heather has only one plug in, and generates heat & power on when in use. The Compact Zen Heater is easy to use, you just plug it into an outlet on your wall, set the temperature where you want it and let it do its thing.
I am excited about waking up tomorrow to my extra warm and cozy rooms where all my Zen heaters are plugged in and ready to go. At this great sale price I am considering purchasing more Zen mini space heaters for other rooms in my house. A great product all the way around and a great price!


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