Fever Patrol Digital Thermometer (March 20th Version 2 Update)


Fever Patrol touchless thermometer – V2 Release March 20th.

Notable Uses For The Touchless Digital Thermometer:

I purchased the Fever Patrol thermometer and the readings are consistent every time! Overall, an awesome touchless digital fever thermometer. My 3 year old son has recurring ear infections. He gets high fevers. The Fever Patrol thermometer is touchless & reads his temperature instantly. It is accurate & consistent every time.

I simply point the Fever Patrol thermometer to his forehead and voila! The accurate reading of his temperature shows up instantly. This is great for my son who is squirmy when he has a high fever. He gets so sick & cries. It is stressful to see your little kids sick with a high fever. I threw out the old thermometers. I had to wait what seemed like forever to get a reading. With the Fever Patrol it is instant and accurate. I am blown away.

Actual Fever Patrol Case Study:

5 days ago my son was running a high fever. He was very sick. I knew it was his ears. He has had 3 tube surgeries already. I grabbed the Fever Patrol touchless thermometer & it read 103.5 degrees. I immediately called our physician. When we arrived at the doctor they took his temperature. It read the exact same as the Fever Patrol thermometer.Consistent at 103.5 degrees.

Fever Patrol Touchless Digital Thermometer Review:

I like that the touchless thermometer is Lightweight and Portable.The screen is big and easy to read.The Fever Patrol adjusts both from °F to °C with a touch of a button. It sounds on/off. The digital thermometer also has Color coded screens for low-medium-high readings.I like this feature.
There is no touching the skin. Fever Patrol  is perfect. The fact that I do not have to disinfect my thermometer is wonderful!
I am very impressed that this digital thermometer lights up for nighttime use. This touchless digital thermometer is amazing and a total lifesaver. The accuracy every time of the Fever Patrol is phenomenal.I’m a believer it is a must-have for every parent!


I am purchasing another Fever Patrol digital thermometer for my parents. It will be great for them when they have their grandson overnight.The Fever Patrol is convenient, easy to use and consistently accurate.It is a remarkable product! I highly recommend it!


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