Air Tv Player

Getting The Air TV Player

My new Air TV Player is the pinnacle of home entertainment. The Air TV Player has everything we need and goodbye to monthly cable bills! The Air TV Player is amazing. With this media center I can watch what I want when I want. My family enjoys streaming their favorite shows and movies. I was ecstatic to find out I can access my apps through Google Play. The best part is no more monthly cable bills. I love the Air TV Player! Great technology, excellent concept. We paid for multiple channels that we never watched. Saving so much money on cable bills we purchased new TV’s for our home.

No More Cable Bills, No More Channel Bundling!

Air TV Player Setup

I added the Air TV Player to my Wi-Fi network. I only need one antenna to send the live broadcasts to multiple TVs in my house. We can enjoy the Air TV on all our devices in the home. I am no longer paying for monthly cable or satellite bills. No more monthly commitments. We love you Air TV Player!
I like the color of the Air TV Player remote as it is not black. The Air TV Player remote has voice integration and we are thrilled about the Bluetooth connectivity. We enjoy the one-touch access for streaming and browsing. We are able to easily search for all our media service providers.

What Does AIR TV Player Get me?

With the Air TV Player I am able to stream all of my favorite media, movies and shows. I can stream on media providers like Sling TV, Netflix, and YouTube. Hook up and set up is easy. The Air TV Player has a DVR built into it. Has a power, Ethernet and antenna connection. If you run the sling app on your Air TV Player you can watch all your local channels. It’s sensational! With the antenna hooked up the Air TV app has a channel signal that will show red or green. It’s compatible with Android TV for access to thousands of apps on Google Play!
Features are endless!! We have access to Sing TV channels like ESPN, AMC, HGTV & many more. We are excited about free local HD sports & broadcast channels when you connect to an antenna. We record local channels with DVR or combine recordings with Sling TV’s Cloud DVR. I am amazed with the easy to use Bluetooth Voice Remote that controls the Air TV Player, local channels, TV & Sound System. With the Remote Finder feature I mentioned earlier we never worry about losing our remote again!

Air Tv Player Review

There are so many wonderful features of the Air TV Player I could writes pages of praise. I was thrilled to find out it supports 1080p HD and 4K Ultra HD on certain media providers for amazing quality and crystal clear images.
Huge cable bill gone- no more paying for extra cable boxes and channels you do not watch. Thank you to the Air TV Player our family has extra money. Savings! I have a fast Wi-Fi connection. I now have a small monthly Wi-Fi bill. Simply amazing!
I have not upgraded my home TV entertainment system for a decade. When I figured out I could dump cable and hundreds of channels we never watched for years I was elated! Welcome to our home Air TV Player!

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