Updated Shipping Times (Mid June)

Well, as we move towards a new ‘normal’, we see a lot of business resuming and trying their best to get back on track. For us, shipping times have been stable for about 3-4 weeks now, and we have taken a lot of pride in ensuring customers get their orders in fair time. USA stocked […]

InfraRed Express Shipping Route Expedited & Free!

We have improved lines of shipping and are offering all orders FREE shipping for the month of June! Take advantage of this deal today. All ThermoSense V2 Thermometers are landing to customers in the continental US States in 10-14 Calendar Days! Take a look at the new Version 2 Thermosense Today (click here)

Shipping Speeds Increase As We Climb Into May

Yes, things have been different lately.. A lot different. What we have found lately, is trust in a lot of ‘testing’. What we have secured, are some of the fastest mail and package forwarding companies working in hand with some of the bigger companies on the supply chain. What this has done, has decreased all […]

Shipping Delays & Customs Inspections

Amidst one of the biggest health issues we have faced in recent times, please understand the importance of supporting all the workers who put themselves at risk daily, to ensure your safety can be held by delivering parcels in times where it is busier then at any Christmas season for online shopping. And it’s not […]

Fever Divert V2 Usage

Just a quick video to demo the Infra Red thermometer from Fever Divert. Please ensure you press the button, until the display screen reads “Forehead” before approaching the subjects forehead. Hold within 1-2″ max for accuracy and consistency (plus fast reading). If FOREHEAD is NOT showing on the TOP display you will get a completely […]

Pairing Your Hydrasound Earbuds

Pairing Your Hydrasound: This can get complicated to cover all the methods for all devices and Operating systems. The easiest way to begin, is ALWAYS CHOOSE TO FORGET OR REMOVE DEVICE, from bluetooth settings, then follow the video instructions!

Aunu Earbud Review

2019 has seen a sharp Increase In the sheer number of Wireless/Bluetooth Earbuds being released at an unbelievable pace. With all the options, consumers are now left wondering, “which earbuds, REALLY are the best?” There are some big changes in technology as of late, and with that, comes improvements in a lot of areas for earbuds.

Mini Drone Quadcopter With High Def Camera

Mini Drone Quadcopter With Angle High Def Camera

The Mini Drone Quadcopter with High Def Camera with a compact design that is foldable and controlled by radio. It sort of looks like a smaller version of the DJI Mavic Pro drone in its appearance and vital functions and as such can be called a replica of the DJI Mavic pro. The E58 drone […]