Aunu Earbud Review

The Aunu 4.8/5 Star Unbiased Review:

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2019 has seen a sharp Increase In the sheer number of Wireless/Bluetooth Earbuds being released at an unbelievable pace. With all the options, consumers are now left wondering, “which earbuds, REALLY are the best?” There are some big changes in technology as of late, and with that, comes improvements in a lot of areas for earbuds.

The Big 5 : How Aunu Earbuds Win On Most Important “Earbud Necessaries”

  1. Battery Life: (5/5)
    How Many hours do the earbuds last, when streaming, playing music, or using them to talk / dictate etc via the built in microphone? Aunu Audio has gone to great lengths to avoid the same pitfall many other companies in the Earbud space have taken. They DIDN’T opt-in for the cheap battery (recycled). They in fact made this one of their MAIN priorities from the beginning. To get a LEGIT lithium battery supplier, once that does NOT used recycled battery matter. What does this mean? It means the self charging case, once charged fully, will recharge your Aunu Earbuds 23–26 times. Yes, Thats right, off ONE charge, expect approx 140-160 hours of listening!
  2. Sound quality / Audio Quality: (5/5)
    With all the popular big name earbud brands (wireless), ie: JBL, Sony, Apple, Power Beats Pro to name a few, it is AMAZING to me there would be a contender to come out of the woodwork to challenge on sound. Aunu has done just this. They have managed to seal (IPX7 Waterproof) their sound and essentially make their fitted earbuds essentially SHUT outside noise off completely, giving you a fully immersed sound with tons of base, mid tones and incredible surround.
  3. Fitment / comfort: (4.5/5)
    These earbuds are definitely not what I am used to, so when unboxing I was surprised in how I did stumble for a few minutes, trying to get them in (with the supplied rubber ear canal fittings). They do come with 3 additional sizes, but the ones that came ON the buds in package, we in fact the ones that I still wear, 3 weeks after getting the Aunu for testing. There are other sizes, making these truly “fitted” for all, and they have a ‘ergonomic design’ in how they fit, and close out sound. I actually find if you dont ‘twist them’ gently into your ear, they can loosen up when doing activities like jogging, swimming, biking etc. One you get these earbuds fitted in right, they don’t budge! They in fact remind me (without sound playing or music), of wearing ear plugs before going swimming. (So they in fact do serve that purpose as well)
  4. Wireless Ability and Waterproof-ness: (5/5)
    My favorite … Wireless distance, strength and pairing. Aunu blows ALL the big names out of the water, and you can go a solid 30 meters or 100+ feet, without any breaking up of audio in EITHER earbud. I was so amazed, and I have been trying to figure out a way to show how amazing this is, but I am still a bit stumped on how I am going to do this (I will this week though). I am surrounded by steel where I live. Steel structures, walls roof’s etc, and I can set my phone down and go do yard work, wash the car, all kinds of things, and have very rarely lose connection within 30 meters, and when I have, it is usually when I am behind a few steel walls which is VERY acceptable, as music resumes within a brief second.
    As for waterproof ability, the Aunu Earbuds are sealed tightly (visually) and it’s not hard to see the attention to detail on this part of their design. Although I have yet to immerse myself and the buds in water, I have set the buds in a glass of water. As with any bluetooth device, water tends to cut reception, but with Aunu, the sound resumes as soon as they are removed from water. That is a huge sticking point for me, the buds do NOT need to be removed, patted dry and reinserted!
  5. Style and Look / Feel: (4.5/5)
    Not a rating i worry about “too much”, because i rarely look in the mirror when wearing anything in my ears anyway. It is, however a concern for many, so I will address it by saying, these looks slick. Not only that, but the shape of the Aunu is pretty modern chic. I have read a LOT of people’s reviews (models, gym dudes) all the people that are a little more “concerned” with how they look, and the reviews are all in the “HOT” and “SEXY” / “CHIC”. So there you have it. If you are concerned what they might look like when jamming out, you can set your mind at ease, and know that all the ‘concerned’ people have addressed this and they give Aunu the 👍🏻 thumbs up!

Overall, after having reviewed, written and tested so many wireless waterproof earbuds, I have no problem ranking the Aunu Earbuds up there with the BEST. I give them close to the top score on all of the BIG 5

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